Friday fun: Take a chance on tea!

What is in a cup of tea?  Well, water, milk and tea normally.  But the gesture of making a cup of tea can do so much more for you – both good and bad.  An example of the bad – there was a wave of tea cosy related injuries in 1997 – with 37 people in Britain being admitted to hospital – this is up from 20 in the previous year.  If you think that’s troubling, 1999 saw 165 hospitalised due to placemat-related injuries…

dirty cup coaster

The benefits of making tea – you endear yourself to colleagues, it gives you a reason to talk to them and quite often, people are too busy to have time to do it.  It does not have to be a supplicating gesture either – you can simply be helping a colleague, and hope that they’ll return the gesture one day.  It’s a great thing to do when you first start a job too and will give you an opening to introduce yourself to people around the office.  Another great tip is bringing in biscuits or cake – this will push others to talk to you, particularly if they are nice treats!

Be warned though – the Telegraph claims that around half of Brits have been injured in dunking related accidents – including the dreaded sloppy biscuit splash.

It claims “hidden dangers include flying fragments, and being hurt while dunking biscuits in scalding tea, through to the more strange such as people poking themselves in the eye with a biscuit or falling off a chair reaching for the tin. One man even ended up stuck in wet concrete after wading in to pick up a stray biscuit.”  Your choice of biscuits could seriously impact the health of your colleagues…

In some jobs, such as a Runner on a film set or as an intern, you may well be expected to make people drinks.

Take a pen and paper and write down what people have and when.  This way, you can provide drinks before being asked and make yourself indispensable.  The other option of course, is to find an awesome internship that doesn’t involve making coffee.


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