The winner takes it all (off)

Soon we could all be seeing a lot more of our colleagues.  A recent research paper from Swedish academic Professor Kostym Födelsedag has shown that offices are more efficient when workers are naked.  Prof. Födelsedag’s report highlighted that there is significant freedom attached to being naked.

‘Clothes are oppressive, but moreover they are suggestive.  They hint at what ‘could be’ and lead to distracting thoughts of what one another look like naked.  The stark reality of actually seeing your colleagues naked will stop these thoughts and make you realise that your work is far more interesting.’

This study is corroborated by earlier work from German academic Dr Hans Nichteinstitch who, over the course of three years wore progressively less until eventually he was lecturing in the buff.  His report showed that initially, his students giggled and pointed, but after a few weeks, they stopped mentioning it and after a period of time, made little to no eye contact.  The result was a classroom that was 5% fuller than the university average and results were 2% up on the previous year.

A paper has been put forward encouraging more universities to look at this as a way of boosting marks.


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