Guest blog by Interview tips

We all know how important the interview process is, so I wanted to give you some advice to really secure that dream job and stand out. Every year approximately 300,000 students graduate. This is a lot of competition – however this shouldn’t be daunting, just be yourself and don’t let any silly simple mistakes drag you down!

RateMyPlacement is the answer to finding your dream placement or internship. Read reviews from fellow students and browse through the hundreds of opportunities on offer and check out our top advice on the website. We are by students, for students.

Firstly: first impressions really do count!

Always be confident and smiley (especially if it is a Skype interview)  – at the end of the day you are having a conversation with someone so if the interviewer asks you how you are…ask them back.(This may sound simple but so many people fall at this simple hurdle!)

I cannot emphasis enough that you need to RESEARCH

Many companies, not just at RateMyPlacement – one of the first questions they will ask is: ‘What can you tell me about the company?’ – like many companies there will be a page on the website called ‘About Us’. Read this. Make notes. Remember! Competition is so high with placements and jobs, you don’t want the fact you haven’t researched the company to let you down even though you may be the perfect candidate for the role! Preparation is extremely important. If it is an undergraduate placement you are looking for then check out the reviews on the RateMyPlacement website. This is a unique and insightful source of peer to peer information for students looking for a placement!

Take your time and listen carefully to the questions

The worst thing to have is lots of things that you feel you must get out in the interview, listen to the questions – think about exactly what they are asking you! There is nothing worse than the interviewer not being able to get a word in edgeways and the candidate talking about something irrelevant. The interviewers want you to answer to the best of your ability. Don’t feel like you cannot ask the interviewer to repeat the question and don’t feel like you have to launch yourself into answering the question, take your time and think about what exactly you want to get across in your answer!

Prepare a question

Definitely have at least one question prepared for the end of the interview, it always looks good to have a question. A great one to ask at the end is: ‘Is there anything you are unsure of about my capabilities? I’d rather be able to reassure you now as opposed to you think I am not capable.’

The interview process can be a stressful and daunting time, but by following these simple tips and being yourself – why wouldn’t they want to hire you?!

Good luck, Katie at RateMyPlacement x


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