Friday fun: Will you still need me, will you still employ me…when I’m 64?

Last month held a big surprise for millions of people around the world – the retirement of the Pope. At 85, he has probably earned his break, though some critics feel that he should have stayed in post until the bitter end. That’s quite a bit of pressure really – many people in work cling to the potential of retiring and many fantasise about retiring early (to be honest, it is what gets me through some meetings). When we enter the labour market, we are full of excitement and vigour – so much so that we don’t always have an exit strategy.

I thought I would take this opportunity to highlight the differences in current retirement ages around the world. This may not impact your choice of place to work, but it is worth bearing in mind how long your nose will be at the grindstone!

In the UK, the average recruitment age is 68

So for the ‘easy life’ you might want to consider Cambodia, where retirement is at 55, or Italy and Thailand where it is 60. In fact, scanning the list on Wikipedia, the UK has the highest retirement age. If the majority of graduates enter the labour market at 21 – we will be working for 47 years in the UK (until the retirement age gets increased again, of course).

The scary thing about this isn’t necessarily the amount of time you will spend in work – it’s how little time we spend researching and choosing what we will end up doing.  The saying goes that if you do something that you love; you’ll never work a day in your life.


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