Guest post by Grad Diary: The Graduate Job Hunt and How To Overcome The Challenges

Everybody knows that the graduate jobs market can be a daunting place and the team at Grad Diary understand how difficult it can be to overcome some of the challenges that you face. This article will look to help you look in to the first step in any graduate job hunt, research. We know it sounds boring but it is crucial for any potential applicant to take it seriously.

We provide a comprehensive database of over 300 employers and the graduate schemes that they offer. When making applications it is absolutely essential that you identify the right company for you; this doesn’t always mean the largest or most recognizable. It is crucial to identify whether the companies offer a scheme you are interested in and an environment that you can see yourself working in.

Many candidates make the mistake of sending off a large number of applications without spending sufficient time on each. Unfortunately, in the competitive market that exists, each application you make requires your full attention and consideration. Employers often intentionally make applications lengthy and testing in order to distinguish between those candidates who are genuinely keen in the company they are applying for and other applicants who are looking to simply apply for as many schemes as possible.

You need to make sure you look at resources such as Insider Interviews and blog articles to gain an insight in to what duties are involved in particular roles and  to identify whether or not you can see yourself fulfilling those duties. Understanding the culture of the organisation you are applying to is essential, not just for the initial application, but this also helps when you get to stages such as interviews and assessment centres. Being able to understand what makes you the right fit for a particular employer can be the difference between you getting the job or not.

In order to effectively manage the companies that interest you the most, you can use our Diary feature to register your ‘favourite’ companies and keep track of all their deadlines and visits to your university. Organising your applications should be the first step on your graduate job hunt. By doing this, you can help ensure that you don’t miss any deadlines and you can prioritise your submissions based on closing date.

Your careers service, along with the resources on Grad Diary, can help you to make the most of every application and identify what makes you right for a particular company or position. Although this is only the first stage in what can be a long process, it helps to set you up for a more prosperous job hunt. If you apply for roles that aren’t right for you then you will be quickly found out in the interview stages, as employers are keen to find candidates who are the right fit for them.


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