Friday Fun: All the small things?

Sometimes we are tempted to only talk about the big things that we do, particularly when applying for jobs.  Time and again I talk to students that claim to have no work history because they were too busy helping out in their parents’ business or because they devoted themselves to a hobby or university society.  These things count, and you should be proud of what you have done!

In the recent Super Bowl half time show, Beyoncé had a mention rate of 268,000 tweets per minute.

This is amazing, particularly when compared to last year where Madonna scored 10,245 tweets per minute. But then you look at what the tweets are about – how Beyoncé was miming. The headline figure looks impressive, but actually, what Madonna did was executed cleanly and could be classed as more impressive.  I’m not saying that it mattered that Beyoncé mimed – I honestly don’t care – although Madonna’s tweet rates were less dramatic, what she achieved is still pretty amazing – even though she was just doing what she does every day.

When recruiters are looking at applications, big headlines are interesting, but it is what you did behind the scenes and how you articulate this that will secure you a job.  Examples from your university work can be just as effective as performing at the Super Bowl as long as you package them correctly.


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