One way, or another, I’m gonna get work, I’m gonna get-a get-a get-a job!

You’ve applied for lots of jobs, but don’t seem to be getting anywhere. You’ve had the odd interview, but mostly your covering letters and emails go unnoticed into the recruitment ether. Sound familiar? Maybe it’s time to get creative!

get creative

Just how creative can I get?

If you’re applying for an advertised Actuary role at a big multi-national company known for being straightlaced and traditional, I wouldn’t recommend sending the CEO a CV written in jelly beans, but the creative industries allow for some flexibility. Are you applying for a branding or marketing role? Why not show off your design skills and branding aptitude with a delicious chocolate bar CV?

Not so confident with your graphic design abilities, but you’d like to stand out from the crowd at the careers fair? Why not get your CV printed up on a t-shirt? (Don’t forget to get feedback on it at one of our drop-in sessions first!)

Show off the skills relevant to the industry you want to work in…

If you’re an aspiring Programmer, show off your home-brewed projects with a GitHub Resumé. What better way to prove your enthusiasm to a future employer, than with the work you’ve done in your own spare time?

Want to get into filmmaking or the media? One French student stuck a QR Code on his CV which when scanned by a barcode reader streamed a video of him talking about why he should be offered the job. He ended up getting several job offers after the video went viral.

In Graeme Anthony’s CV video he changes into different clothes to demonstrate that he can be “anything you want him to be”.

Have you Googled yourself lately?

Alec Brownstein was a copywriter but wanted to work for a big advertising agency. Instead of sending a CV, Alec decided to show off how creative he really was. He purchased adverts on Google for the top 5 advertising executives at advertising agencies, costing him $5. When they Googled their own names, they saw Alec’s advert, and he got 4 interviews and 2 job offers!

So go ahead, stand out from the crowd. The only thing that can limit you is your imagination!


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