Wherever I lay my laptop, that’s my home

Recently, we saw Yahoo ban working from home – forcing all staff to be in the office or quit their jobs.  Quite a bold statement and certainly one that goes against the modern day flow of enabling workers to do so ‘remotely’.

This article in the Guardian claims that this move has been made in order to turn around a company that may well have its best days behind it.   It is commonly agreed that people are less productive if they work from home – there is the obvious distraction of Doctors or Jeremy Kyle, coupled with a lack of scrutiny over your working day.  But I am not sure that presence always results in productivity.  There are certain jobs where a presence is almost all you need, but some roles require thought, planning and inspiration.

There are some great companies out there that spend a lot of time developing a welcoming and creative environment for staff – some of whom can be seen here (free hardback copies available from Reception at the Careers and Employability Service).

When choosing a company to work for, you should probably look at the working practices and environment.

There are some companies that require you to account for every 15 minutes of your day – some people like this rigid structure – but personally I am not sure this would motivate me to achieve anything.  We are moving towards an environment of work/life integration – where 9 to 5 are purely numbers and your work and home lives merge for the benefit of all.

Don’t get me wrong, this won’t happen overnight, but the integration of technology in our lives means that we are reachable and our offices accessible wherever and whenever needed.  Scary but exciting stuff!


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