A little less conversation, a little more action please!

The best way to get work experience is by having work experience. But what if you can’t get work experience because you can’t get work experience? How do you break out of that cycle?


Get creative!

Start a blog…

Try WordPress.com, it’s what this site uses and it’s really user-friendly. Decide on a topic you love and write away! You can also re-blog others’ work (with their permission). It’s a great way to get your name known, and to network with others interested in the same topics. Have a look at some top tips on blogging here.

Promote yourself on Twitter…

Does a blog seem too much of a task? Try micro-blogging! Only 140 characters per tweet to get your message across, encouraging you to start a conversation with others and network with others in your field of interest.

Make things happen!

Set up a society or group, and get people involved…

You could raise money for a charity or promote a cause that you believe in. What about running an event to raise the profile of a local charity, and donating the money you make to them? This experience looks fantastic on your CV, and it gives you lots to talk about at interview…as well as being an opportunity to make friends, network with people in the charity, and have fun!

Help others…

Volunteer! Do you always walk past that charity shop with a sign in the window asking for volunteers? Why not lend them a few hours per week of your time? Not only will you have access to some fantastic bargains, but you’ll meet some really interesting people, and you can gain skills like cashing up, accounting, administration and customer service, as well as supporting a good cause.

Get involved in your community…

Most towns and villages have a community centre or hall, and often these are a hub of activity. Is there a regular event held that you could help to organise or promote? Voluntary event organisation looks great on your CV and is great experience. It helps build your communication skills, negotiation skills and working within the local community offers you the opportunity to network with the movers and shakers in your local area!

Employers aren’t just looking for paid work on your CV. If you can demonstrate a get-up-and-go attitude in the face of limited job opportunities, this is very impressive!


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