Guest post by i-to-i TEFL – Ain’t Got No Money…How to Take a Gap Year When You’re Broke.


With increasing tuition fees (and the growing price of beer) many students are finding themselves a little ‘cash poor’ after Uni. This means that the traditional gap year of a 12 month jaunt around Thailand, Cambodia and Laos, finally ending up in the sunny climes of Australia, doesn’t really feel like an option any more…

Not to mention, with the job market demanding more from graduates it can sometimes seem like a year abroad can do nothing but hamper your chances. But wait, alas there is a way that you can travel the world…earn some cash and put some work experience into your CV at the same time. Yup…by teaching English Overseas and luckily, you’ll need nothing more than a Degree and TEFL certificate.  But where can you go and what can you do?  Meet five of the top TEFL destinations:

1)      Korea. Does the thought of losing your student overdraft bring you out in a cold sweat? Then you’re going to want to consider South Korea. Most employers here will pay for your airfare, supply you with a free studio apartment for the year and pay you around £16k PA – not a massively high salary by UK standards, but when you’re not paying rent and a dinner out only a fiver, it’ll go far.

2)      Brazil. Home of Carnival, Samba and some of the greatest football in the history of the planet, Brazil is an increasingly popular place to teach overseas.  Like much of South America, you’ll tend to have to find work when you arrive and salaries are low so you’ll need to be prepared. Make sure to have a copy of your CV at all times and pack a smart outfit for interviews.

3)       Japan. Many of our TEFLers agree that Japan can be a good place to start a TEFL adventure with both Tokyo and Osaka having a large and established expat population.   As a brand new teacher, you’ll be looking to earn around £26k a year in Japan*and many schools will offer subsidised or free accommodation.

*It’s worth bearing in mind that the cost of living in Japan is quite expensive. A good measure is if you’d be happy living on the salary in London then you should be fine.

4)      Spain– The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plane. Now we’ve got over that pun, and are in eager anticipation of some sunny weather, let’s take a look at Spain.  To be able to find a job here you’ll need to be an EU national and as competition is tough you’ll have a higher chance if you can show some kind of teaching experience. Inventive CV’s have used babysitting or experience mentoring sports teams.

5)      Thailand – Thailand, as we’re sure you already know, has been a bit of a favourite on the backpacking trail now for several years. But, what opportunities are there for paid graduate work? Well quite a few actually – given that the Thai government have made a degree essential for all UK working visas.

Found somewhere you like the look of and want to find out more…Check out our 26 Page FREE Guide to the Top 10 TEFL Destinations.

You’ll find out more about:

  • Salary expectations
  • What the weather’s like
  • Who’s already out there doing it
  • Teaching in France, Poland, China, Vietnam & Turkey!

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