Video killed the graduates’ chance

Have you ever thought about using a video to promote yourself?

With the massive growth in the use of YouTube, more and more people are grabbing their camera phones and making video CVs. There are some great ones out there that can catch your eye. And, well, some not so great ones. Here are some examples;

So – what next? You have a video CV – what do you do with it? Employers aren’t going to Google your name and come running just because you put something online. You need to catch their imagination somehow. One way is by doing something quirky and hoping it goes viral (though one man’s quirky is another mans un-hireable…) or get it to employers yourself. Have you considered using one of the recruitment agencies that use video CVs? Have a look at or some of the other similar sites that might aid you in your job search. Remember – comb your hair, wear appropriate clothing and work out what you are going to say!


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