Tweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey

Peter Andre

Some rights reserved. Photo by Steve Slater.

I had an interesting debate the other day – are people on Twitter leaders?  They have amassed a following which surely has to be one of the elements of being a leader? The argument was with someone who follows Peter Andre on Twitter.  She follows him because she wants to find out what is going on in his life but refused to accept that she was interested because there was something about his life that she found aspirational – which included fancying him.

We tried to thrash out the reasons why you would follow someone and they came down to the following list;

  • You want to emulate them

This then boiled down to a sub list;

  • They are funny
  • They are interesting
  • They are attractive
  • You are a stalker

The only other three options we could think of was that you wanted to work for them or their competitors, so were doing research, you hate them and want to follow to mock them or you follow them because they followed you.  The last two on this list are terrible reasons as it either encourages hate or mediocrity and both of these are available in abundance already.

Have a look here at some common mistakes on Twitter – number 10 should be a warning to us all!

So, back to my friend.  Is she being led by Peter Andre and his abs?  Probably, though she still refuses to admit it.  Have a think about your Twitter follows – who is leading you?  What does it say about the sort of person you want to be?  When I set up my Twitter account I was very careful to follow the right sorts of people – no risqué comedians, no one controversial and lots of relevant business groups.  The result – I lost interest in Twitter really quickly.  It has to be interesting otherwise there is no point.

A leader without followers is just someone taking a walk.  Or a really dull Tweeter.

Here is a good guide to using Twitter.


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