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Tailoring your CV for the global jobs market

When applying for jobs or placements abroad, do be aware that the style of applications may differ from that used in the UK. In France, Belgium and Germany it’s common to include a passport-sized photograph in the top right-hand corner of your CV, whereas in the UK and the USA, photographs are not commonplace.

In France, CVs should be no more than two pages long. Include the dates and levels of your qualifications, giving the equivalent in the French education system if possible. You should include your reading, writing and oral levels in French.

In Germany, a CV (called lebenslauf) is used more than application forms, and it’s common to sign your CV at the bottom. You also need a one page covering letter, copies of all qualifications from school onwards, evidence of any work experience you have, including certificates and references from universities and previous employers.

In the USA a CV is known as a résumé and is short and concise: usually one page long. Résumés should have a few lines at the beginning on your aims and the skills you can offer. Give a summary of your experience and qualifications, list educational institutions attended, qualifications achieved (with associated dates).

See the Careers and Employability Service CVs and covering letters page for more information, and the working abroad  pages have country-specific resources.

Get feedback on your Italian-style CV

The Careers and Employability Service have set up a collaborative agreement with Università Carlo Cattaneo (LIUC), a university in Castellanza, near Milan in Italy. Up to 10 Kent students per year who are interested in working in Italy can get feedback on their CV from an Italian Careers Adviser. Italian CVs have a different format to UK CVs so this is well worth doing – you can find a template for a typical Italian CV on the LIUC website.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer then email your Italian CV to careerhelp@kent.ac.uk stating that you would like feedback from the Italian Careers Adviser.


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