Guest post by Invasion Jobs: Around the world, around the world…

How doing a TEFL course and placement can enhance your CV. (TEFL = Teaching English as a Foreign Language.)

Doing a TEFL course and placement is not just beneficial to those you are teaching but can also be extremely beneficial to you in a number of ways.  On top of the incredible experience you will have living and working abroad, and the amazing memories it will leave you with, a TEFL course and placement is the perfect way to boost your CV. Whether you are looking into a career in teaching or not, doing a TEFL course can leave you with skills that all employers look for when hiring.

Learning how to teach English as a foreign language encompasses key skills such as leadership, public speaking and presentation skills. These skills are then further enhanced when put into practice actually teaching on your placement. (Many TEFL courses do not include a placement after completing the course. We suggest that you look for ones that do include this, to ensure your skills are not just in theory but have actually been put into practice.)

Not only will teaching English as a foreign language be another job to add to your CV, it is a job that shows independence and initiative. Many people travel after university or school but only a small number look to combine travel and work. By doing this, it shows you as an individual who has a good work ethic and a drive to better yourself.

Living and working in another culture – being immersed in another culture in a manner such as this, really changes your prospective on other cultures. It deepens your understanding of how other cultures work, and teaches you the ability to work with and adapt to people from other cultures within the work place. When teaching English in Asia specifically, you will be teaching to large classrooms of up to 50 and 60 children. The ability to adapt to this demonstrates that you can deal with quite highly stressful situations in a calm and controlled manner.

A TEFL qualification and placement is often seen as ‘a passport to a PGCE’. If you are looking at a career in teaching, you will most likely be looking to achieve a PGCE. However, they are not always easy to get on to. It has been proven that a TEFL qualification and placement highly increases an individual’s chances of securing a place onto a PGCE.

Lastly, a TEFL qualification not only enhances your CV for working at home, but also increases your chances of securing work elsewhere in the world. It opens doors to more travel opportunities and often jobs with them.

A TEFL course and placement is a really worthwhile experience. Not only will you get the chance to earn money and have an amazing time, but, with all the above chances to boost your CV, why wouldn’t you look into doing a TEFL course after graduating?


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