I’m a survivor, I’m not gonna give up…

I often see graduates who graduated the year previously and still haven’t moved on – often they are working quite long hours in a shop or bar and after a hard day’s work, they don’t have the time or energy to think about what to do next, consequently they get stuck in a rut with little chance of progression.

The solution to this is to develop an action plan to take you towards your goal.

Write down all the things you can think of that could help you to carry you closer to your goal and try to do at least one every week. Some steps might be relatively quick and simple such as revising your CV whereas others may be more long term.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

These are just a few ideas to stop you getting stuck in a rut and to move you towards your goals. To find out more about how to develop a strong action plan see our page on Action Planning.


2 thoughts on “I’m a survivor, I’m not gonna give up…

  1. This is all very sound advice,but my concern is – where is the “personal trainer” type coaching help graduates need to motivate them into looking at the hidden job market?
    When an employee gets stuck it’s the attentive boss who sees the bigger picture that can often make a difference to an individual, where is that help and support when a graduate leaves for the world of work? I believe coaching for Alumni is a big opportunity still to be fully realised, but accepting ideally it should be dealt with before then.
    Applaud your planning tips though none the less


  2. Hi Gary,

    I think that you are right – some students and graduates are in need of coaching, particularly for those without a family history of graduate level work or those entering tough markets. We are currently developing alumni mentoring schemes which will address this to a certain extent, with some of the focus being on sector or location. We also contiinue to support our alumni after they leave and try to tailor support to the individual. We could always do more – but I think being aware of that makes us a stronger Service. Of course, we can only speak on behalf of Kent, but with such a huge focus on employability, I wouldn’t be suprised if institutions across the country aren’t tackling this question too.

    Thanks for your comments!


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