Woah-oh, I heard it through the grapevine…I’m just about to lose my mind!

I came across an interesting infographic the other day which gave some interesting statistics about phone usage by students.

The Snugg - The Great Technology Divide Infographic
Infographic authored by iPhone and iPad case innovators The Snugg. Go to The Snugg’s Blog to see the original source and blog post.

It got me thinking about how much of our personality really comes through on social media.  If we really are on social media 14 times a day (more in my case…) and a quarter of all time spent on our mobiles is on Facebook – we are either stalking a lot of people or putting a lot about ourselves online.

I have to admit, I put quite a bit about myself on Facebook – I enjoy the interactions that follow.  Some people use Facebook as a social crutch – putting all of their woes and negative experiences on there to share their pain.  I have un-friended quite a number of these people to prevent my life feeling like Eastenders.

Keep your online and offline lives integrated but distinct – how you behave online is not how you would behave offline. Think about the image you are portraying to others, potential employers included. Are you telling them that you’re a friendly, hardworking person or a moaning minnie? I know which I’d rather work with!


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