Guest post by Rejane Gwynne, SSPSSR – Is the word “employability” driving you slightly mad?

 (I’m going slightly mad – Queen)

Is the word “employability” driving you slightly mad?

Are you being bombarded and you think it’s just a fad?

Do you think it doesn’t affect you?

Is it all a load of gobble- dee- goo?

Then you might be missing a trick,

Employability skills will always stick

Employers want the best,

Forget about the rest

So get involved and don’t delay

Then things will surely go your way

You’ll reach the top,

And get that perfect job!

SSPSSR wholly supports and encourages our students to get involved in employability activities to help them develop their skills and experience. Competition for graduate jobs is tough. Employers are looking for more than a degree. What are you doing to enhance your employability skills? How will you stand out from the crowd?

We currently have an extremely high employment rate for our graduates with almost 90% going into work or further study within 6 months of finishing their degree. Many go into a diverse range of interesting professional careers including advising government through research think tanks, managing counter terrorism operations, and working in NGOs. There are also a range of more surprising destinations like prominent investment banks and marketing firms. What is clear from employers is that they appreciate the well-rounded education we provide. Our graduates are able to think critically and take a holistic and balanced view in the work environment.

Our School organises various events on campus, ranging from employability conferences to networking events and placements, as well as keeping you updated on job vacancies via our employability bulletin and our employability webpages.

Rejané Gwynne’s role as Employability Support Officer for SSPSSR students is to help you gain the necessary employability skills during your time at University, to enable you to get the job you want. For more information on how you can develop your employability skills go to our SSPSSR employability webpages:  or contact me: Rejané Gwynne, Tel: 01227 824184, Email:


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