Guest post by the Kent Enterprise Hub: What is student enterprise?

As a former business student at the University of Kent I was probably as guilty as anyone for throwing around the word ‘enterprise’ without really understanding what it meant. It wasn’t until I found myself working for Kent Innovation and Enterprise several years later that I discovered that enterprise is something that all students today could greatly benefit from.

What did enterprise mean to me as a student? Well quite frankly it was a buzzword that I included in presentations and essays. Many people incorrectly assume that enterprise is a word used only by business professionals and ‘Alan Sugar’ types. I had a friend who studied a module with enterprise in the title but I didn’t take much notice. That was a mistake I would advise students today not to make. Why? Because if you asked me now what does enterprise mean to me, I would say getting involved in enterprise related activities can greatly enhance your employability potential, improve your career prospects and better prepare you for the brutal world of work.

So what can enterprise do for you? Kent Innovation and Enterprise are launching the new Enterprise Skills Award (ESA) which helps students collect skills that focus on 6 core enterprise skills such as communication, problem solving and creativity.

Through attending specific events and taking part in activities that hone skills such as networking and concept generation, the ESA can help you develop the kind of skills that potential employers find beneficial. For your efforts we reward you in three levels, and once the levels are completed you are automatically entered into our ESA Purple award which could see you in with a chance of winning the Entrepreneur of the Year award, amongst many other perks such as invitations to our professional networking events. You can also earn yourself up to 100 Employability Points!

What kind of activities does it involve? We are working with all schools and departments to put together a comprehensive list of events throughout the year that can help you achieve each level of the award. We will also be running a series of exciting competitions which you can enter as part of the award but you can also win some great prizes such as an all-expense paid trip to the USA!

You will also get a certificate at the end of the year for successful completion at each level which would look great on your CV!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to the Enterprise Skills Award today and make things happen!


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