They’ve got your whole world in their hands

As many of you know, we have the University of Kent Careers Fair happening on the 5th November as part of the University Employability Week. This is a chance to meet the people that have a say on whether your application is successful or not. These people could literally hold your future in your hands. So how do you make the right impression? Below are some simple tips that might help;

Know who you are talking to

The programme is available online – spend a little time learning about the companies and getting an understanding of what they do and what they are looking for. This will allow for much more meaningful conversations.

Dress appropriately

As a student, it is not usual to wear business dress to lectures. We understand that, and whilst we would love for every student to come to the fair dressed for work, we know that this is not always practical. What we would ask though is that you dress smartly which means no visible underwear, not wearing a cap, and that your clothes are clean and presentable. These are really obvious and I am sure you won’t fall foul of this.

Be respectful

Eye contact is key – and you can’t do that if you are looking at your mobile phone. Similarly, you can’t hear the person if you have ear phones in. Bring a pen and a pad to make notes – hopefully you are going to value what they say to you – so write it down. And it is good manners to shake hands when greeting someone. And please – no gum.

Employers make decisions about which universities they work with and recruit from based on the experiences they have when meeting the students. Not only do you have the opportunity to make the right impression for yourself – you can also impact the prospects of future Kent graduates.

If you want specific help about who to speak to at the Careers Fair, or how to approach them, please come to our Drop In or our session on preparing for the Careers Fair


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