Guest post by the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme: Why I joined the Finance Trainee Scheme

My name is Adam Wuni. I recently finished my Masters at Manchester Metropolitan University and joined the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme as a Finance Trainee for the 2013 Intake. My decision to join the NHS is inspired by the voluntary service I undertook with the NHS whilst I was in college and my desire to use my financial knowledge and life experiences to really make a difference upon graduation.

My journey on the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme started with a fantastic opportunity at the welcome event held in Leeds to get to know and network with my new colleagues across the country. The cherry on the icing for me personally was an inspirational speech by one of the most dedicated and visionary leaders in the UK, Sir David Nicolson (Chief Executive Officer of the NHS). Sir David Nicolson in his speech appealed to us all to ‘ENGAGE’ with patients, clinicians and other departments to enable us all to continue to provide world class patient care!


After the welcome event, I embarked on a twenty day orientation plan to visit and experience first-hand how various services within the NHS are delivered. This included shadowing; an Operational Service Manager, the Ambulance Service Crew, Pathology Manager, Theatre, involved in a Directorate meeting, among others. I have found this whole experience very valuable in terms of gaining an understanding of the NHS, how it works, its current circumstances and pressures. I also valued hearing insights from staff from a variety of professions at different levels about service delivery and development.

Amongst the highlights of my experiences on the Scheme so far was shadowing the North East Ambulance Services Crew. I witnessed a Crew who were very dedicated and passionate about responding to the urgent needs of our patients. Despite the fact that the Crew were waiting to hand over to the next Crew and go home after a long days’ work, they were still very passionate in responding to a call to save a patient who had passed-out at the airport. I was very impressed about their professionalism as this gave me a sense of confidence in our NHS but also reminded me of the need to be selfless in discharging my professional duty to contribute in the provision of world class patient care.

My observation day in Theatre gave me the opportunity to meet some members of the Theatre team who were warm and welcoming. From a finance point of view I was able to discuss about the cost of operating equipment and staff cost.

Other aspects that makes the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme unique for me is the opportunity to meet senior managers and directors at a very early stage and indeed throughout the scheme. As early as my second week on the scheme, I had the opportunity to attend a Directorate meeting which involved a Clinical Director, a senior finance manager and various heads of departments discussing on various issues on service improvement and cost efficiency. This was very insightful in terms of the exposure to see how various departments collaborate to deliver quality care to our patients but also a fantastic opportunity to establish new networks with senior managers.


As a finance NHS Graduate Management trainee, I am required and indeed privileged to study towards a professional qualification: ‘Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, (CIMA)’ which is sponsored by the NHS to enhance my financial skills. I have just started the lectures towards CIMA in the last week of September 2013 and due to be qualified in 2016. It is very challenging but the prospect of being able to apply the knowledge acquired in work, to help manage the finances of the NHS is exciting and propels me on.


Last but not the least, both the ‘North East Leadership Academy (NELA)’ and the ‘NHS National Leadership Academy’ have been very helpful in getting me started for the Scheme. They are very passionate and committed in providing information, network opportunities and answering all general enquiries. Basically all you need to do is think of a question and they will try their best to solve it for you. Starting the Scheme would have been a lot harder without their support.

Looking Forward

Looking forward I still have some days to finish up my orientation which will involve visiting Northumberland Clinical Commissioning Group to understand how the commissioners work, their relationships with service providers and how they gain an understanding as to how services are running. I have a day with Radiology, Catering which I am really looking forward to and many others. Each day on the Scheme present different challenges but also opportunities and I am certainly positive that I made the right choice to join the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme. Exciting prospects ahead!

The NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme opened for applications in October 2013.


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