I Can’t Get No, Satisfaction…..

There is not a day goes by where we do not make choices which are based on our values, attitudes and beliefs. Values also play an important part in career decisions whether we realise it or not.

There are different types of values. Intrinsic values are related to motivation and satisfaction and are the things that make us want to go to work. These might include variety, challenge, helping others, creativity and achievement. Extrinsic values are related to the conditions we find ourselves in and the rewards that we get from work. Examples include pay, flexibility and status. Fulfilment of values can increase the happiness of a person at their work.

For more information and a list of examples see this article.

It is important to think about your values and you may find that they will conflict with each other- for example you could have a very challenging job which you find rewarding however you may not feel that you are paid very well. Conversely you may have an incredibly well paid job that does not challenge you. Prioritising your values can be a useful exercise when thinking about career choice.

Conducting some research will quickly reveal the value, vision and mission statements of companies that you may be interested in working for. Value statements define what a company stands for and believes in. Vision and mission statements can be similar in that a mission statement will define the organisations reason for existing and a vision statement will define the direction that company is going in and how it predicts its future.

Each year Glassdoor run the Employee’s Choice Awards. Employees provide feedback online about the companies they work for on key factors such as career progression, work life balance and pay. Employees detail the great things about their companies as well as the not so good things. You can see the results here.

When you are job searching be clear about your own values and take some time to research the values of the organisations that you are interested in. Having some clarity about values should aid your job search.


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