I’ve sent 99 applications but the interviews are none

I saw a student the other day who told me she’d applied to 100 jobs and couldn’t seem to get anywhere! 100 is a lot of jobs and you’d think with all those chances she was bound to get something, but seemingly not. And it got me thinking, how many of us take the quantity over quality approach when it comes to finding work? The notion that ‘I’ll put a CV together ping it out to a few companies or upload it onto a job site and sit back and wait for the offers to come flooding in’.

Well, unfortunately, that just isn’t how it works.

Each application you put together should be tailored ie it should be focussed and specific to the job and the organisation you are applying to. To do this properly is going to take some time, a good hour at least per application, if not longer. Suddenly the idea of applying to 100 jobs doesn’t seem so appealing.

Take time to understand the role as fully as you can; give concise and specific examples of experiences you’ve had that demonstrate you’ve got a required skill or level of expertise; think about the order of your CV – is it more relevant to put your education first or your work experience; lose anything that doesn’t add value, employers really don’t care if you like baking and/or reading sci-fi novels.

The frustrating thing was that the student I saw who’d applied to the 100 jobs only came to get some feedback on her CV afterwards. She hadn’t thought to get it looked over for a second opinion before sending it out.

The Careers and Employability Service has drop-in times where University of Kent students can pop in with their CV to get feedback from an adviser BEFORE you start sending it out to employers. These run Monday – Friday, 10:30am-12:30pm and 2:00pm-4:00pm throughout the year. So, come and see someone for more advice on making applications.


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