I have a dream, a fantasy…to help me through reality!

In the Careers and Employability Service, we often hear from students that ‘really want to work for x company’.  It is their life’s dream.  Their one ambition.  The only company they will work for.

I was watching BBC Breakfast, and saw Tai Woffinden talk about wanting to win the Speedway Championship. This is not a sport I know much about, but it was evident that this is something he desperately wanted. So much so that in one race he broke his collar bone (that had just had a metal plate inserted from a race a few weeks previous) and continued the race to win the race and the whole Championship. He must have been in agony and could potentially have done some serious damage to himself, but he felt he had to carry on because it was his dream.

So, my question to those students that say ‘it is my dream’ is this … how far have you pushed yourself to make it a reality?  Have you contacted the company?  Have you met with one of their staff to talk about the role?  Have you followed them on social media?  Have you read their website?  Their annual report?  Could you tell me who the CEO is and what their shares are doing?  Can you describe their customer base and their key products?  What is their global presence and how is it different in each company?  Have you gained relevant experience to make sure you are their top choice?

This seems like a lot, but in reality, it is just a bit of reading and a few calls/emails. Most graduates don’t know what they want to do, and that is fine, that is why the Careers and Employability Service is there to help you! But if you are pinning all of your dreams and hopes on one company, you need to be prepared. We can help with that too. Come and see us for friendly advice and information – there is also some useful stuff here.


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