Search for the hero inside yourself!

In the last year I’ve conquered the dreaded dissertation, got through those days, weeks, months of what seemed way more than a years’ worth of revision, mastered the art of not tripping up walking in front of hundreds of parents and fellow peers to collect my diploma at graduation, and yet some days I could not feel more of a failure.

It seems like the only emails I ever receive are rejection letters, which seem to come thick and fast on a daily basis. For a recent graduate with no money and an ever-decreasing overdraft (not to mention the things put on my credit card!), it can feel like despite all the great things I’ve achieved in the past 6 months, the weight of the world is on my shoulders.

It seems every single other person I know is managing to secure a job or an internship or just…something, anything, except me. And quite frankly, it sucks! I know that it’s not wrong to feel like this and chances are most of the people who graduated last year are too.

I’ve been told that the thing to remember is that it can only get better.

If I’ve managed to get through three years of university and come out the other side with a good degree then I deserve a great job and it’s only a matter of time before a company feels that why about  me too.

Websites to check regularly, even if you’re feeling unproductive and like you aren’t getting anywhere:

Milkround – they are constantly updating their latest vacancies for students and graduates, so you don’t have to trawl through hundreds of jobs that are not at your entry level. – Again all the jobs on here are for graduates, they have a vast range and the website is updated daily. Signing up to this can be really useful as they send out an email when there are new graduate jobs available. However the only downside is they do not send out emails which are catered specifically towards what you are looking for, nonetheless I am always interested in what opportunities are out there and you never know you might come across a career you had never thought about before!

CV-Library – I have found this website really useful and has a number of graduate jobs and entry level vacancies that are not necessarily posted on other websites and it is from a job posting on this website I applied for that I actually received an interview, so I would highly recommend checking it out!

It is also worth signing up to recruitment websites as they will send you job alerts and matches to what you are looking for and when you’re feeling fed up of the constant search these can be really helpful and make you feel like you’re doing something. I found The Graduate Recruitment Bureau  to be really helpful.

So even if you feel like a bit of a failure, just remember…

  • Keep sending that CV out
  • Fill in another job application
  • Reward yourself with half an hour of awful day time tv (there’s nothing that a bit of Jeremy Kyle and a cuppa can’t sort out right?!)
  • Do it all again! Hopefully the continued hard work and dedication to achieving our goals will pay off.

– Jessica Youngs, recent Kent graduate


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