Guest post by – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Top tips to get you hired!

Hi I’m Cat, placement student here at Currently I’m looking at recruiting next year’s placement students.

Here are the top tips I have come up with to help you get hired!

1. First off, know your stuff.

It takes 10 minutes to scroll through a company website and pick up some information. Match your tone with that of the company’s and use their lingo.

OUR TOP TIP: If they have a blog have a quick scroll through this- you will find some really interesting information here!

2.  Secondly, be informative yet concise. 

Don’t answer a question with a three hundred word suggested count with 2 words. Seriously, it doesn’t look great. Employers want to know about you- so make it as easy as possible. Similarly don’t ramble! I’m not sure how interested they will be in your pet rabbit or how your football team is doing in the league!

OUR TOP TIP: Check the word count! Read through your answer- would it make you want to hire someone?

3. Make sure your skills match the ones required.

If the job requires communication skills why are you telling me your dream job would be as a mime artist? Check out what the company wants and make sure you talk about this on your application!

OUR TOP TIP: Have the job specification up alongside your application and check the skills they require are discussed in your application.

4.  Go above and beyond what is expected.

Want to score some real brownie points? Google the company and talk about what’s going on with them recently. It will make you look super keen and show wider commercial awareness, even if it was just a speedy search! It will also lessen any awkward small talk to have some facts up your sleeve!

OUR TOP TIP: Read the media from that industry, if it’s law, look at Lawyer2B and read the Times Student Law Supplement. Read reports, check out their social media channels, google the company and see what they’ve been in the news for recently.

5. Smelling and Grammer- geddit? Get it right!

OUR TOP TIP: Use spellcheck! Get your careers centre or even a friend to check it through before you send it off.


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