I’m a survivor, I’m not gonna give up, I’m gonna try, I’m gonna work harder…

As the season for job applications is under full swing for final year students, we just wanted to give you two pointers that might help.  The first is the recent story of a man named Brian Acton.  Brian was rejected from both Twitter and Facebook after graduating from Stanford.  He didn’t give up and developed an App that has had a bit of success recently.  That App is WhatsApp and he has just sold it to Facebook for $16 billion.  I do wonder if them rejecting him added to the price…

Below are the tweets he sent after being rejected by these two companies.  What is remarkable is the level headedness with which he accepts the rejection and doesn’t burn any bridges or whine about it.  Even back in 2009 he was aware of the importance of being professional online and keeping your options open.  If he had trashed Facebook after his rejection, I wonder how easy it would have been for him to make the sale he did?

The second pointer is based around a story a friend once told me.  He and his housemates had a competition going.  Whenever they got a job rejection letter, they stuck it to their living room wall.  They made it four times around before one of them got a job.  Doing some basic maths, a piece of A4 is 21cm wide.  The average British living room is circa 16ft by 16ft, which we will take as 4.88 meters x 4.88 meters.  This is just over 23 rejections per wall, 92 rejections per lap and a total of 368 rejections before one of them got a job.  The most shocking thing about this isn’t the marks that will be left on their wall from the Blue Tac – it is that they didn’t seek any help.

The Careers and Employability Service at Kent is here to support all Kent students and graduates (for up to 3 years after graduation), so if you are unsure on how to apply or aren’t having any luck, come and see us.


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