Beware of job scams!

Some universities have been approached to advertise part time office assistant vacancies from a variety of companies from cleaning to real estate, however they discovered that they were not genuinely from the organisations and were in fact scams.

The scammers pick equally real companies local to that area. Addresses and even phone numbers in the advert are usually those of the real company. The only giveaways and common themes are a combination of:

  • Use of non-professional email address, and
  • A high rate of pay (£15/hr), and
  • They are all admin assistant jobs (exact titles may vary)

The scammer tells the successful applicants they have got the job but they are currently out of town and need the student to run some errands. They send a cheque for over £1000 then pressure the student to make payments from their personal bank account account via Moneygram, after which the cheque would be cancelled leaving the student out of pocket.

Advice is available here and the Get Safe Online website also provides useful advice on spotting and dealing with this type of scam.


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