Making your mind up!

I haven’t a clue about which career to enter when I graduate!

Many students have no idea which career they wish to follow after university, this in particular applies to students studying humanities degrees and the non-vocational social sciences.

For many careers you really need to decide your direction well before the end of your second year, so that you can get relevant work experience and develop the appropriate skills.

The “CHOOSING A CAREER” assignment in the Careers Employability Award takes you through exercises to analyse your skills, interests, values, strengths and personality and then helps you to relate these to suitable graduate careers. You also complete a powerful career choice program who recommends the graduate careers which most suit you.

In a few days you could complete the award and transform your chances of getting a graduate job. Free to University of Kent students it is completed via quizzes and assignments on Moodle. On completion you receive an Award Certificate which you can add to your CV, and 40 Employability Points.

  • Before the course I had only a vague idea of my career path and opportunities, now I am applying for Summer internships and know how to effectively sell my skills to a prospective employer and have a much more focused plan for my future.
  • Choosing a Career made me think about work in a different way. It helped me to see options other than 9-5 jobs and also explore other career options that I can do with my degree, I don’t feel as limited now as I did before.
  • The researching and choosing a career assignments were nothing short of fantastic.


  • Go to and enter your Kent login and password
  • Type “CEM Careers Employability Module” into the module search box.
  • The module is called “Careers Employability Module”: enter by double clicking on it
  • Enrol by clicking on “Enrol me in this Module” which is in the left hand menu under “Module Administration”

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