Guest post by the Accountancy Partnership: What does your online footprint look like?

You have seen your perfect job, polished up your CV and emailed in your application along with a convincing cover letter outlining how your experience matches up with the job advertised and how keen you are to be considered. A few weeks pass by and you hear nothing back, but why?

You can guarantee that any employer who is looking at candidates for a new role in their organisation will Google the applicant name to try and get an insight into the candidate. So what does your online footprint look like? Let’s not forget that comments, social profiles, reviews and pretty much any articles stay online for a long time.

social mediaBefore you start applying for new jobs you need to check how your profile looks in search. Even more so if you’re contracting or freelancing your services out to different companies.

If you have an online CV or portfolio, does it match up to the one you have used for an application? Do you have a LinkedIn page, does it have recommendations of your previous work?

Check your social media accounts, is your Twitter account acceptable for any future employers to be browsing? If not then change the account name to something different so it doesn’t show in search when googling your name.

If you have had previous employers who have been happy with your work, approach them for online references. Get them to post on a LinkedIn account or even include quotes on your CV rather than just their name and contact details. Applying for jobs now not only means sending in a CV but also opening up your online activity to a potential employer.

Don’t fall down at the first hurdle and not even make it to an interview stage, make the effort to ensure your online footprint is acceptable and attractive to an employer.

Article by: The Accountancy Partnership –


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