Student blog: Be our guest, be our guest, put our company to the test! (Enterprise Rent-a-car)

Doing an internship for a year or even for a few months in the summer can be extremely beneficial, not only for developing your own personal skills but also for securing yourself experience on your CV and creating a potential stepping-stone into the front door of a business.

I know how much we all enjoy being at University and the high tempo pace that comes with it, and a year out of that can seem quite daunting, however, an internship offers you the chance to take a step back from all the studying and deadlines, and spend a year in a business environment gaining both invaluable experience and generous amounts of maturity.

The management trainee internship at Enterprise offers you all of the above and so much more. With offices based all over the UK there is sure to be an office exactly where you need it to be, giving you opportunities to stay at home for a year and work or take the plunge into moving away from home for a year of work.

Enterprise ensures a very fast paced environment focused on excellent customer service through many different business segments. If you are looking to try your hand at a whole range of the business breakdown including marketing, management and accountancy then Enterprise has everything you are looking for. With a team of enthusiastic and friendly people, you are always made to feel welcome in the office and have people offering themselves to help at almost every opportunity.

– Teren Sheldon, Kent student (Business Administration) doing a 12-month placement at Enterprise Rent-a-car.


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