Guest post by – Assessment Centre top tips…What would Beyonce do?

What would beyoncé do?

Have you got an assessment centre coming up? We have have channelled our inner diva here at RMP Towers and come up with what we think Beyoncé would do on the day of her assessment centre. Maybe you guys can pick up some tips too?

1. Beyoncé makes sure she has ‘Sweet Dreams’ the night before so when she wakes up she is ready to go!
beyonce 1

2. Beyoncé uses the ‘Countdown’ on her phone to make sure she’s on time. She knows there is nothing worse than being late. First impressions are everything!
beyonce 2

3. Beyoncé would put on her ‘Freakum Dress.’ Feeling confident is so important when walking into an assessment centre and her choice of outfit will help with this. For this day Beyoncé’s camouflage Bikini from her Destiny’s Child days will be staying in the closet.
beyonce 3

4. Beyoncé is ‘Crazy In Love’ with the job spec. She is well prepared and knows what kind of questions she will be asked.
beyonce 4

5. Beyoncé is sounding ‘Irreplaceable.’ She knows her strengths and why they should hire her!
beyonce 5

6. Beyoncé has been practicing her ‘1+1’ to make sure she is on point for completing those psychometric tests
beyonce 6

7. Beyoncé is never a ‘Beautiful Liar.’ She wouldn’t want her potential employers to think she was taking any of Kelly Rowland’s credit right?
beyonce 7

8. Beyoncé keeps her ‘Ego’ in check. She knows competition is high between candidates but also is aware one day she may have to work with some of these people!
beyonce 8

9. Beyoncé goes to bed not forgetting to ‘Check On It’- her mobile that is. She wants to make sure her potential employers haven’t given her a call yet!
beyonce 9

10. Beyoncé knows never to give up. Whether she got the ‘Green Light’ or has ended up a ‘Broken Hearted Girl’ she’s back on to keep an eye out for any new roles and to rate her placement at the end of her year!
beyonce 10

Originally posted by Cat Smith on Tuesday, 18th February 2014 on


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