Kent graduate at Enterprise Rent-a-Car – “What I learnt from the Graduate Management Trainee Programme”

As I sit and look back over my success as a graduate management trainee at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, over the past seven months, I realise how success is both truly encouraged and celebrated within the working culture. From my first sale, to hitting the elite club for the top 25 sales people in our group and everything in between, I can honestly say that every ounce of my personal success has been noted and recognised thus contributing to my managerial development and profile.

Firstly I feel that I should acknowledge that every part of my personal success within the graduate management trainee role is down to my own hard work, but also a combination of the dedication and support of the management and my fellow colleagues. This culture of encouraging and acknowledging every personal success makes it difficult to pinpoint my greatest achievement, so I’ll start with my first.

Looking back I would say that my first notable success came in my very first day in the branch, during my training week with Enterprise. Having spent three days in the classroom learning the basic theory behind the management trainee role, I was released into the branch to spend my first day in front of customers. My sole tasks for the day were to observe and answer the phone at least once, easy right? Well that was until my competitive nature took over and my fellow colleagues and branch manager suggested I serve a customer and complete a rental contract. Again, having had past experience in customer facing roles, this didn’t seem too daunting…until it came time to offer a variety of products to the customer. Suddenly, when faced with options for the customer and an expectant customer stood in front of me, everything I’d been taught over the past three days in the classroom flew straight out of my head and I stood with a blank expression on my face, as I began to panic a sense of failure began to creep over me. Spotting this, a more experienced management trainee assisted with my explanation of the options available to the customer and pointed out the key features to enable me to explain the benefits to the customer, before I knew it I had sold the right product, completed the ticket and shown them around the car; even receiving a compliment from the customer on how professional I had acted!

On returning back into the branch I was met by a rapture of applause from my management and fellow colleagues, including the one who assisted me! This recognition of my success continued through to the passing of my skills test; hitting the elite club for the top 25 sales people within the London and South East Area and growing our business with a local dealership , to name but a few of my memorable successes.

Additionally, each of these has been achieved within the time frame set out by myself. When I was told that you are in control of the pace at which you complete your training programme, I took it with a pinch of salt. However as I write this I’m also preparing to complete my management qualification interview within the next month, which will be just shy of nine months since I started and which I hope to be my greatest success to date!

Katy Wright is a graduate from Kent (employee relations and Human Resource Management).


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