Inspiring Interns: Inspiring Kent – from university to internship and career

As the beauty of university life draws to a close, it’s only natural (and recommended) that your attention turns to life post-student library and SU bar. There’s no denying that bridging that gap between university and your first career is tough. Which is where Inspiring Interns come in.

We at Inspiring are specialists in providing the stepping stones for graduates, helping them cross over into fruitful careers. In the past five years we’ve successfully place over 3,500 graduates into internships and graduate jobs, with 66% of those internships leading to full-time employment.

We understand the importance of complimenting your degrees with that all important work experience that has become so pivotal in today’s path to career success. To highlight the value of our internships and how they can help graduates like you when faced with the impending vocation battle, we caught up with a University of Kent alumnus who registered with Inspiring Interns.

Onyi graduated in 2012 with a BSc Hons in Financial Mathematics. After months spent job hunting, Onyi came across Inspiring at a graduate careers fair in London and registered with us at the beginning of 2013. Within a matter of weeks, she was successfully placed in a paid three-month Data Enrichment Internship with a leading data discovery solutions and business intelligence software company. During the course of Onyi’s internship she gained a comprehensive insight into their client operations, data solutions, development and management teams. When asked what was the best thing about interning at her company she gave us this insight…

“Interning with a start-up was really interesting; I saw how important it was to talk and interact with people, to throw myself into things, to be bold in meetings – anything to make me stand out. In addition to this I learnt how important it was to give my feedback and opinions on what’s going on. I was lucky in that my company’s CEO listened to me from an early stage and was keen to hear my input! I welcomed the opportunity to get involved and had the initiative to do extra stuff which I think is one of the reasons they decided to take me on full-time.

The most valuable thing in my internship was developing the skills that I learnt at university in the workplace. Sometimes it’s a very one-way situation with a company wanting to see how you fit, to try you out, but with this internship I was able to try them and see if it was a company I would want to work for and what real working life would be like there.”

Onyi is a fantastic example of someone that recognised the worth of an internship and the value that this could add to her career. She fully embraced the experience and proved herself indispensable to her company: characteristics which never fail to impress employers.

Following Onyi’s internship she was taken on full-time as Product Quality Assurance Analyst; a prosperous position that’s full of responsibility and has even lead to her taking on and training an intern of her own! When asked about her overall experience with Inspiring, she commented:

“I found Inspiring Interns really useful and easy to use from both a candidate and employer perspective, which was interesting to experience both sides of their service! Looking back to when I was a graduate, I remember it being nice to come into the office and felt welcomed by the team.

In my experience many recruitment agencies offered opportunities that didn’t match my skillset or what I was looking for. Inspiring Interns only sent me relevant positions. The video was a great selling point for me as a candidate! It was something that everyone talked about when I joined. I felt the experience of doing a video CV helped me be more comfortable with myself and eased the transition from university to workplace”

You can catch Onyi’s story and those of many of our other candidates over on our site. If this has inspired you to think ahead and consider an internship for your career plan of action, why not take a trip over to our vacancies page and get a feel for the opportunities we currently have on offer.

Hannah is a Digital Marketing Executive at Inspiring. She tweets about all things golden here: @hlcroberts and pins all things pretty here: gildthelilly. You can also connect with Hannah on Google+



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