Kent student, working at Student and Graduate Publishing – Getting into publishing

Studying, working and trying to maintain a social life isn’t easy as most students will know, especially with the thought of the dreaded dissertation looming. However, with my future career plans in mind, I knew it was was important to do as much as I could to improve my CV and gain some experience.

So, when checking my emails from the Kent Careers and Employability Service I saw an opportunity to get an article published for ‘Student and Graduate Publishing’. I emailed and got a quick response which I was over the moon about. I later got asked in for an interview to intern for the company.

The company I would be working for is ‘Student and Graduate Publishing’ who are based in Farringdon, London and produce the magazines: Grad Mag, Loud, and Study International. The online magazines are guides for postgraduate study and careers and offer helpful advice to students. Interns get to work on producing articles and helping out with social media.

Having the opportunity to work for and have work published in a magazine was not something I expected to grab so easily. Although traveling to London and battling the underground was something that terrified me, I knew this was an opportunity not to be missed and was so excited to be taken on as a full intern. I quickly learned my route and got used to the commute.

I didn’t really know what to expect as I had never done anything like this before, apart from various online reviews and blogs. When I was asked to write two short articles, of which would be published, on my first day I was thrilled. Everybody was really nice and laid back, easy to get on with and have a laugh with. I am still currently interning at the office and thoroughly enjoying it.

It is so important to gain as much work experience as possible, to test out your desired career and learn about the industry. Journalism, editorial and magazine work is a competitive field and interning is a great way to show potential employees what you are capable of and that you have the initiative to put that little extra in.

– University of Kent student, Aimee Dutto


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