Kent student, working at Student and Graduate Publishing – The power of internships!

Having read the careers emails sent to me from the careers department at the University of Kent, I saw an advertisement for part-time interns at a London-based publishing company named Student and Graduate Publishing. After conversing with one of the Creative Directors, which included going in for an interview, I managed to arrange a day to come into the office on a weekly basis to write articles and assist with the administrative tasks at hand.

Since undertaking this internship, I have acquired a multitude of skills that will no doubt serve me well for when I leave University. Such skills include understanding and embodying social etiquette in the workplace, which has allowed me to build a great rapport with the employees of the company, as well as working on and maintaining a high level of writing in order to produce worthy pieces of journalism for the company.

I have been able to assist on all four of the company’s magazines: Grad Mag, Study International, Full On and Loud, with my articles being published both in print and online. Such articles required a sufficient amount of research, which I was expected to undertake prior. The topics were varied, from studying in Scotland to pursuing a Law degree in the USA. Aforementioned, there was much research involved as well as an expectation to produce an article worthy of being read by the company’s 1.5 million readership.

In addition to this, I have been given the opportunity to interview music artists such as A Great Big World and The Saturdays in order to write a piece of journalism regarding their career. This has increased my interest in working in a journalistic realm as it enabled me to realise my skills and talents.

Undertaking this internship at Student and Graduate Publishing has provided me with the skills and contacts needed to pursue a career in said industry. This is in part due to the treatment received by Student and Graduate Publishing, who welcomed me with open arms and trusted me enough to conduct interviews with well-known artists and produce pieces of writing that are reflect the company.

I would definitely recommend interning as it is a great way to build not only contacts and experience, but also friends.

– Qudrat Khan, 1st year Kent student


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