BT Business – Even those who go it alone need help…

Experience is the teacher of all things.” – Julius Caesar

As a graduate myself; I can hand on heart tell you that your careers department only seem like part of your University life. The truth is that your careers department is the best friend that many students ignore. Not only can the careers department push you in the correct direction when it comes to pursuing roles but the people who work there can genuinely help with your employability. Although your CV may seem to you to look the part, the fresh eyes on the contents can be extremely beneficial.

It’s no big secret that the job market is tough; but as a graduate you are at an advantage. There are more doors open to you and more opportunities can arise as a result of this.

Gaining experience is something of upmost importance yet can often be overlooked as the thought of working somewhere as a volunteer can be unappealing to the financially-challenged student. However, it’s important to remember to gain experience in the fields you want to work in as well as earning is a delicate balance but can sometimes have long-term effects.

I think it’s fair to say that 99.9% of University students have internet access whether in University, Halls or at home. How many are able to monetise this? You’d be surprised how much you can make on eBay by selling things you no longer need. You may also be surprised at the entrepreneurial spirit this can unearth in people.

For the entrepreneurial student who wants to make some extra money it can sometimes be worth investing in a start-up from your room. Thankfully in the age of the internet this can be done a little easier than you may imagine. Invest in some decent business broadband to make sure that you’re always connected, plan out your social media strategy and also most importantly cement what your product or service is that you’re going to offer.

Experience is invaluable. For example, if there are two candidates perfect for a role and they are both shortlisted and a decision needs to be made then extracurricular activities, working whilst studying and also volunteering may just push you above the other candidate. It is these little things that make all the difference.

It’s about making yourself the most employable, and as mentioned earlier; the careers department are your perfect partner in doing so with this too. You will already know how important it is to have a fantastic CV and also cover letter so with days like this available there really are opportunities available to you that can affect the rest of your working life.

Make sure that you take opportunities that you have. You have no idea how important these could be. Networking can often be forgotten but it is vital, employers like to meet the person behind the CV, the personality. These ten tips here are very useful, and include the very important point of knowing the value of social media and how this should be used to help not hinder your job search.

– Matt Jones, on behalf of BT business


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