Quiz Clothing – “Fashion. Turn to the left! Fashion. Turn to the right!”

When thinking of the fashion industry, your first thoughts might turn to the designers and models that grace the pages of glossy magazines. However, the fashion world is built on much more than this; behind the “faces” of the industry are an army of people, from accountants to PR executives, making sure that everything runs smoothly.

We spoke with Nadia Khan, Online Content Manager for Quiz Clothing about how she got her job within Quiz’s ecommerce department and her advice on getting into the business side of fashion.

Glitter shoes

“My passion for technology as well a fashion meant that I felt pursuing my career within this particular field was for me. It meant that I could utilise both my creative and business skills.

Being an online content manager sees me take a lead role in maintenance of the site and to increase traffic and sales through compelling content. To achieve this I regularly have to liaise with other teams within the company, including meeting with the editing, marketing and design teams to plan and develop site content, style and appearance. It’s a really varied and dynamic role, which is why it’s so enjoyable in my opinion – I learn something new every day.

Like many roles within the fashion (and any other) industry, getting to where I am today is the result of hard work; there is no quick fix solution to getting your dream job.

When I first joined Quiz I was working as a product assistant, then later moved into an online assistant merchandising role. It has been a long winding road of hard work, determination and going the extra mile which has got me to where I am today in my current role.

If you are hoping to work in the fashion world, it is vital that you do your research and understand the various roles that exist within a fashion company.

It will open your eyes to the many job titles that you might not have even realise existed. Knowing the different roles will allow you to find the job in which your skills and passion would best fit. Each role will have specific skills they are searching for within a candidate, these will normally be stated in the job description of any advertised roles. However, there are some rules which apply universally. It is important to show you have some knowledge of the world you are going to work in whatever the role. For instance an accountant being up to date on the financial trends within the fashion industry is just as important as a buyer being on top of the latest trends on the catwalk.

To excel within any role in a fashion company you will need attention to detail as well as good organisational and team skills. If I were to look for a candidate to take over my role, I would look for someone who is confident, conscientious, willing to go the extra mile as well as a team player.

Show these characteristics and do your homework and you will stand a good chance of getting your foot in the fashion door.

 – Quiz is a dynamic fast fashion retail group that focuses on delivering catwalk style looks and all the latest trends at value for money prices.


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