Gonna get myself, I’m gonna get myself, Gonna get myself connected

KEW-NET is an online mentoring/networking tool for Kent students and graduates to meet, support one another and help each other get ahead.  From KEW-NET, you will be able to access a variety of mentors from a range of subjects and locations that could help you by reviewing your CV, talking about getting into certain industries, offering work experience or just advice.


Photo by Tris Linnell (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) cropped from original

In order to maximise your success on the system, please follow some basic rules;

  • Be professional – these are potential employers, so be courteous and slightly formal
  • Be proactive – you will get nowhere being nervous or shy.  Contact everyone that might be useful and ask questions
  • Be purposeful – have a reason for contacting the alumni, they are busy people that want to help you.  Think about how they can do that

If you would like any help with setting up a profile, or with how to approach other users of the system, please email careerhelp@kent.ac.uk and we can arrange support.


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