…with a little help from my friends

Connecting on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social network, but used in business. It’s the modern version of collecting contacts’ business cards! It allows you to keep track of the business connections and relationships that you have built, and to easily contact these people.

  1. Set up a profile. Input information from your CV, including work history, current position with description, education, some of your skills, a profile photo, a summary about yourself and what you are looking for, work samples or projects, and voluntary experience.
  2. Start connecting! Connect with lecturers, colleagues from your part-time job, people you meet at conferences/networking events/employers you speak to. The more connections you have, the more potential for you to learn from others and find out about the industry you are interested in.
  3. Click on the “People you may know” page. LinkedIn will connect to your email address book and find people that you already know. It will also suggest fellow Kent students, lecturers and people you may know.
  4. Join groups. This is a fantastic way to find out about the sorts of jobs that are available, what topics are discussed in the world of work, and to show your knowledge to potential employers.
  5. View companies’ pages in order to research their industry, competitors, products and see vacancies that might be advertised.
  6. Don’t be surprised if people you don’t know try to connect with you. Lots of people are headhunted by recruiters on LinkedIn – this is a fantastic way to find work that isn’t advertised anywhere else! Completing your profile fully, and selling yourself well will help to promote “brand you” – what it is that you are selling to employers!
  7. Connect your Twitter, Flickr, Slideshare, WordPress and other accounts – if they are professional! This is a great way to showcase your skills, work, and abilities.

Want to have your LinkedIn profile looked at? Come in and see an Adviser at the Careers and Employability Service.


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