At worst I feel bad for a while, but then I just smile I go ahead and smile

It’s not fun when you are searching for work but if you treat it like a job then you can get through it.

Before I was successful in getting my job, I would split my day into two, half of the day I would search for advertised jobs and fill in applications and the other half I would research companies that interested me.

You can read publications that are in the area of work you are searching for, in my case this was THES. You can read news and web site articles and from this you will often come across companies that you are interested in. You can search for companies by the location you want to work in.

  1. Keep a list and check those companies’ recruitment web pages directly in case they don’t advertise through recruitment agencies.
  2. If you don’t have a job to apply for, find a role, you would like and create a CV and covering letter to match that role, in that way you will have one when a role does emerge.
  3. LinkedIn is useful; if you find a company you like, look to see if you can find employees of that company on LinkedIn. You can approach them, not to ask for a job, but to see if they will talk to you about their role; everyone likes to talk about themselves; who knows what it could lead to. You can find out if they use any particular recruitment agency, any software or qualifications that you could learn to improve your chances of getting a job with them.
  4. Be organised and don’t forget to keep a copy of the CV and covering letter or application you used for each application. Then when you are offered an interview you will know exactly what you have said!
  5. Most of all, don’t give up and keep talking to people, you will get there in the end.

Come and talk to an Adviser if you would like tips/encouragement!


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