Best Engineering Grad Schemes: North vs South

Good news engineering students. After spending years studying intently, and working hard to get top grades in STEM subjects, the engineering horizon is looking positive. You are amongst 45,999 other engineering students that graduate each year to a very prospective job market, if you choose to stay within the sector. According to Engineering UK, engineering companies are expected to have 2.74 million jobs available between now and 2020. Approximately 87,000 job openings each year will require a degree qualification.

The job market is looming, and can be quite an overwhelming place. We present to you the best engineering grad schemes available in the north and south of England.

engineering grad scheme


Rolls Royce – Derby

Work alongside industry experts to help find the answers to some of the markets toughest challenges. Start your career path at the top, working on live projects across the entire engineering lifecycle. Massive variation is available in engineering areas, from performance to mechanical, materials to manufacturing.

JaguarLandRover – Midlands

Choose between schemes in programmes, manufacturing or commercial engineering at one of Britain’s top car brands. Use of innovative design and cutting edge technology keeps JLR at the forefront of the motor industry. Living and breathing performance, luxury and excellence are the values that mould the company together, and what recruiters are keeping an eye out for.

BAE Systems – Lancashire/Cumbria

This programme fuses formal learning with real life challenges for those passionate about engineering. BAE Systems have created a solid platform in which to establish a career, jam packed with learning opportunities and new experiences. Plenty of engineering departments to choose from; aircraft maintenance, civil, electrical and electronic, manufacturing, mechanical, nuclear, process, product safety, quality management, software and systems.


British Airways – London

Inject your fresh talent into the airways at BA. 250 strong aircraft fleet that work across the world and you would be playing a critical role in ensuring safety for BA. Work across and learn from a number of different sections including engineering services, short haul & long haul support and quality management.

Transport for London – London

You would be an integral part of the company operating the beating heart of London. With TFL, the capital would come to a stand still. And nobody wants that. Join 28,000 0thers that have a passion for transport. The scheme incorporates placements to build skills and confidence before you settle into a permanent role. This can be in a number of different areas including civil, electrical, traffic control systems, software, mechanical and electronic engineering.

Network Rail – Milton Keynes

Positively influence the British rail infrastructure, transport network and economy as part of Network Rails engineering grad scheme. Become a vital cog in the public industry, looking after the nations travel services. Choose from a variety of different areas, including civil, electrical and electronic, mechanic and plant, traction and rolling stock engineering.

Whichever part of the country you wish to work and play, you will be contributing to the positive effect that engineering makes upon the UK economy. In 2011, engineering enterprise turned over £1.06 trillion – a huge impact on the UK economy.

– Becky Baines is a writer and editorial coordinator at White Horse Digital and previously was innovation coordinator at Lancaster University Student Union


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