Pitch perfect??

In the Careers and Employability Service we have been trying to buy some IT products to help students.  The process isn’t very interesting, but it is made considerably worse by companies doing a bad job of their pitch.

These companies get an hour or two in front of us to demonstrate their products – to sell them to us – and the majority mess it up.  Not because of bad presentations (though this has been a factor), but because of under-prepared presentations.

Repeatedly, we hear the phrase ‘I’m only using a test account, so I can’t show you that’ or ‘I haven’t set this up properly, so you’ll have to imagine what that is like’. What this says about the company is;

i)                    They haven’t thought this pitch through

ii)                   They don’t think our business is worth a couple of hours of preparation

iii)                 They can’t be relied on to deliver – or worse, they are lazy

The same thing applies to interviews.

If you are not prepared, or rely on information gleaned from the dark recesses of your memory, you will not impress.

You may be an awesome student (product/IT System) but if you don’t demonstrate your commitment to work with the company, there is little point in turning up to the interview.

Come and talk to us about preparing for interview!


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