Skilling me softly

I recently came upon someone in LinkedIn who listed their interests as follows:

“Cleaning, unbelievable Arsenal FC supporter, driving children to and from after school activities”

On the positive side, you could say that this person is quick and efficient as they enjoy cleaning, passionate and kind and helpful, but you would only see this if you sat and thought about it. Employers read hundreds of CVs and don’t have time to reflect.

If you want to include your interests to try and make your CV stand out from the crowd then be specific, if it’s generic leave it off. It’s great to know that you enjoy reading but so does everyone else, so be specific- “A passion for 19th century French literature” sounds more interesting.

Don’t lie or embellish, and avoid talking about your pets!

Relevant hobbies and interests on a CV are ones which are relevant to the job you are applying for. For instance, if you are applying for a role overseeing staff, then interests such as the captain of a local sports team may be relevant in proving leadership qualities.

Check out our skills section to see if you could add more skills to your CV


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