A Hunger for Permanent Candidates: The Changing Horizon of the Job Market – by White Horse Digital

The 2014 Recruitment and Employment Confederation’s (REC’s) monthly report, alongside the KPMG report on jobs, has found that dramatic changes in today’s job market are occurring. The report provides the most comprehensive guide to the UK labour market – including rigorous assessment of 400 leading recruitment consultancies and employers.

With rates of growth of permanent and temporary placements accelerating simultaneously, the job market is seen to be improving rapidly. So what exactly is the current position of the job market and most importantly who is striving in the dramatically changing job market found in the latest reports?

The current position of the job market

The analysis provided by the Report on Jobs finds that the most dramatic differences in the job market are that there is a stronger growth of permanent and temporary appointments, a record decline in availability of permanent candidates and that the starting salary growth is close to the high found in their June survey.

Commenting on the latest survey, Bernard Brown, partner and Head of Business services of KPMG stated that this month’s analysis is the first in months to witness a churn in the labour market and added “it seems that employees are finally beginning to wake up to the opportunities available to them, with the rates of growth of both permanent and temporary placements accelerating simultaneously for the first time since the winter month reports.”

Just a few months ago, the in-depth assessment found that employers couldn’t successfully tempt staff to switch roles. However, this months results are a game changer, indicating that employees’ caution over changing roles is being replaced with a definitive hunger for something new and exciting for their careers.

So which employers are striving to meet the needs of the employees?

Job seeking in the current job market

Upstream subsea jobs, account manager jobs and area sales jobs are amongst the top careers seeked out by employees looking for an exciting new area to work in and innovative new employers to work with.

As permanent places have reached a new peak in 2014, it has been accompanied by a record decline in permanent candidate availability. Companies are facing real pressure to compete for strong prospective employees and to sustain a strong upward curve in both starting salaries for new employees and graduates as well as contract pay rates for all other employees. The report finds that it is evident that some companies are more successful in achieving this means then others. So take advantage and begin your hunt for the perfect role – as the report indicates, job vacancies continue to rise at a rapid rate in the 2014 labour market and this month’s report can be evaluated as showing that the market as being the best it has been for months.

– written by John from White Horse Digital


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