Going to London

With the help of the University, I was given an insight into the world of advertising and marketing.

RPM specialises in experiential marketing campaigns and below the line advertising – non TV & radio. The company’s offices are situated in an old factory in Shepherd’s Bush. Everyone I met seemed to love their job and there was a very positive working environment.

With the account management team, I sat in on a couple of meetings and was able to assist with the planning and research of a campaign that they were working on for Diageo. I learnt about the responsibility that the account manager holds in ensuring that the design and artistic team fulfil the client’s needs and can deliver a product that the client is more than happy with. It seems that the primary skills needed to be a successful account manager are good communication skills and an ability to deliver strong customer relationship management.

For my second week of the placement, I worked along side the design team and assisted with some more creative projects. They were situated on the ground floor of the building, in a room filled with iMacs with everyone working happily listening to Disclosure’s Glastonbury set!

I was tasked with brainstorming some ideas for the same Diageo project that the account management team had been working on. It was great to be given the chance to shape a future marketing campaign for Smirnoff and I really enjoyed working with such creative people in a positive working environment. I was then able to strategise my own marketing campaign, and with considerable autonomy, I was tasked with conducting some market research, compiling data and constructing the design and concept brief. I put together the information for my supervisor in a presentation and I hope that RPM were able to realise some of the ideas that I had put together.

Two weeks felt like a very short time at RPM and I relished the opportunity to be given such a valuable insight into the world of experiential marketing. What will stick with me after my time at the company is the importance of working in a positive environment. With everyone loving their job, and working together on fascinating projects, the small company seem to have achieved a lot in a short space of time and I hope one day to be able to work there again.

– William Ross, studying BA French and History.


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