Crank it up, give it to me, come on! I’m gonna feedback!

One reason that the Careers Employability Award has been so successful is that we gather detailed feedback from every student who completes the award. But not only do we gather feedback, we then act upon it.

Every summer, after the award has finished, we look in depth at all the feedback we have obtained and then use it as the basis for the improvements to next year’s award.

Here is some of the feedback we have obtained from students and the action we have taken in response to this:

 You said…  We did…
I didn’t find the teamwork section particularly useful as I already knew most of the information that was available before.” “I found the section ‘Teamworking’ less useful. Teamwork assignment has now been removed as it was too similar to skills assignment
I think it would be useful to be able to track your progress, perhaps marking items as complete, for example, as it was some time before I resumed my progress.” Tracking has been introduced for the 2013-14 version
The quizzes often had questions that I did not think were very useful to test, e.g. questions about percentage of people employed in a certain sector (to know which sector has the highest employment rate is useful, but to know the exact percentage is not).” About one third of these questions have now been removed
There are a lot of quizzes to complete which can be quite intimidating when you first start.” The number of quizzes is being reduced for the 2014-15 version.
Perhaps rather than having questionnaires, a video providing you with information might be more informative as it is teaching you rather than making you guess things, such as fairly obscure statistics, that are difficult to guess. More videos are used in the 2013-14 version
Occasionally the questions felt more subjective than objective, for example ‘if you’re offered a cup of coffee’.” This question has now been removed!
“More ideas as to how to spin university life into employability skills.” A new section on this is now in place and questions on this will also be added to employabilty skills quiz in 2014-15
“I think the module should be better/more frequently advertised e.g. through emails or mentioned in Welcome Week, I only happened to stumble across it when on moodle looking at my other modules.” Much enhanced publicity is now in place, for example a new leaflet all about the module and posters on all our notice boards.
I think that expanding the choice of Assignments would be beneficial to future participants. The choice of different assignments has now been expanded from 5 to 7.



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