Have a little patience…

What’s your plan for after uni? You finish uni, get a good grade and then the perfect job falls at your feet after just one application? This may happen for some, but it’s unlikely. It’s more likely that you will apply for several jobs and experience rejection along the way, before eventually getting a job that you are happy with. Whilst this may be frustrating, have a little patience, because this is normal.

There are things you can do to help increase your chances of success – research the company, work on a good quality CV/application form, practice interview questions etc. However, you are still likely to experience a knock back (or a few!). It may be that someone else had more experience, that you made a mistake in the interview, or the pressure got the better of you during an assessment centre or psychometric test. Don’t see this as failure – it isn’t. See this as part of the learning cycle.

When I was job searching I kept a little notebook of feedback – this included feedback from employers when I hadn’t been successful, feedback from friends/relatives/careers advisers on my application forms/CVs and also my own reflections on what I had done well in an interview and what I felt I could have improved on. I read these notes before applying for every job I went for and it meant that my CV, application forms and interviews were better every time. I was also careful to thank the employers when I hadn’t been successful – maintaining a good reputation with an organisation comes in handy if another job comes up there in the future.

Ultimately it wasn’t long before I secured a job and throughout the job searching process I had learnt so much that would go on to help me for the future. So when you get a rejection, pick yourself up, learn from the experience, be persistent and have a little patience!


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