I’m a believer!

Temporary work can be brilliant for students, new graduates and those between jobs. I’m a great believer in the benefits of temporary work.

When I graduated, I took a temporary job while I searched for a graduate role. I found my job through a recruitment agency – you can find details of various agencies on our website. I called up, sent in my CV, took a quick admin test, and within a week I had a job. The company I worked for knew I was applying for jobs; they were very flexible with my hours. They actually offered me a full-time job with them after a few weeks! However, I actually accepted a job elsewhere for a larger company, but the fact that I had done my temporary work helped with my application – I didn’t have any gaps on my CV and I had gained new skills. The temporary role also helped to keep me motivated during my job hunt rather than moping around at home!

However, temporary jobs aren’t just for graduates. There are lots of temporary roles you can take while you’re a student, both in and out of university.

These types of jobs can fit in around your studies – they can be anything from a few hours to a few months of work. The skills you can gain from temporary jobs are endless, and the experience can really boost your CV. And of course, you get paid!

Jobshop is run by Kent Union and they have hundreds of temporary jobs available for University of Kent students. Why not get temping now? Believe me, if could change your future career path.


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