Seven is the number

The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Job Seekers:

  1. Are proactive –
    Showing willingness to do any work that comes across your path, saying yes to new things and seeming interested in the work on offer are a few simple ways of coming across as proactive to a potential employer.
  2. Exude confidence –
    Even if you don’t feel hugely confident, it is much more comforting to the employer if you have an air of confidence – smile, say yes to things, and use phrases like “I’ve not done that before, but I’m willing to try!”.
  3. Invest in their careers –
    Your career is important. So why do so many people leave it till the very last minute, then take the first job they’re offered, without much consideration? Do your research, starting early on in your time at university, and do things that will be useful to you in the long term….ECDL? Leading a society? Learning a language?
  4. Have a circle of influence –
    Get to know people, and become known. Once you’re indispensable to others, they’ll want to stay in touch, and will think of you when opportunities arise! Keep in touch with people on LinkedIn, be it people on your course, the boss from your part-time job, or your lecturers.
  5. Are active on social media –
    Most people these days have a social media presence, but using it in your job hunt is becoming more and more common. A lot of jobs are advertised via LinkedIn, and the rumours of employers checking you out on Facebook and Twitter is mostly true! So put these tools to good use. See our page on social media job hunting.
  6. Demonstrate cross-cultural competency –
    It seems obvious, but showing that you have worked/studied/lived in a multicultural environment is a fantastic thing! Can you speak any other languages? Be sure to mention this.
  7. Know how to collaborate in virtual teams –
    If you’ve got point 5 sorted, then working in virtual teams will probably come naturally! Have you used Skype, or a messenger app? These sorts of ways of working are now being used in the workplace too, so showing that you’re confident collaborating with people who are only there virtually will set you apart from the crowd.

– adapted from The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Job Seekers infographic by Daisy Wright.


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