Lucky STAR

Four simple things which improve an application form:

  1. Using positive words in your application forms makes your employer feel positively when they read it. See our useful link to action words. An example of a word that gets used often when it shouldn’t be is “competent”. Instead say that you have “good knowledge” or you are a “skilled user”.
  2. Use the STAR approach.Rather than listing your qualities such as hard working, innovative and enthusiastic give evidence of those qualities. For example, say that you are innovative because you introduced a new system to streamline a process saving colleagues time allowing them to get other work done.
  3. When asked “Why do you want to work here?” mentioning that the location of the job is lovely will impress the employer much less than researching the employer and illustrating how your experience and knowledge can benefit the employer.
  4. Put in the effort! If you answer a question with a one line sentence the employer will not be as impressed as if you write a paragraph linking what they want from the job to your experience.

See our webpages for more advice, and come in and let us give you feedback on your applications!


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